Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Its time to invite Globumbus beta users

The last 6 month we were working together out of our Globumbus FounderGarage in Silicon Valley.
Actually our garage is located in Mountain View California, right in the middle between Google, Apple and Facebook. Of course, this means nothing, here are also thousands of other companies, but it is in a way very inspiring for us.
As well the fact, that we found a new project, which excites all three of us. We love entrepreneurs, we love the crowd and we love new ideas. This was the input of our vision, to provide an infrastructure to empower everyone to become an entrepreneur.

We have designed the platform together with one of the best design companies from California, finished our prototype and are about to launch our private beta. We are inviting now family, friends and good partners to join our project and help us to make it a real product.

So if you also feel the passion to change the world with entrepreneurship, help us to build our platform.

Join Globumbus on: http://facebook.com/globumbus

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