Friday, September 9, 2011

Globumbus Prototype Presentation at "Pitch SF"

100 startups were pitching to about 2000 visitors during "Pitch SF" at the AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco. This was the first time for Globumbus to present our idea of an "Global Crowd Network" and the prototype to the crowd in the Bay Area.

Thank's to our 80 visitors for visiting Globumbus and the great feedback we got from you guys.

If you are interested to get invited to our private beta which starts within the next two weeks, please apply to our facebook group. The link to the group is posted on our: facebook fanpage 

Why join Globumbus:
Globumbus is a new Silicon Valley-based startup resourcing platform from the German founders of zanox. We will enable your startup to equip itself with funding, human capital and publicity in exchange for equity, reducing your cash needs by 80%. By harnessing the “power of the crowd” online, we bring sustainable ventures past traditional obstacles in finding venture capital and expertise.

With our "Global Crowd Network" we anticipate facilitating 10,000 deals and a total volume of $500M within 3 years. We believe passionately in the innovative power of the entrepreneur; we offer an infrastructure to empower anyone to start a venture, helping superior ideas flourish in the market.

Experts – Turn your insight into equity! Be in on breakthrough ventures!

  • Work for the next Facebook, Google or Twitter and create meaning by supporting superior ideas.
  • Bring your expertise to bear in what ideas are market-worthy, and get an equity stake in their success.
  • Leverage your technical knowledge to get involved in startups.
  • Work based on your regular rates and be paid in equity.

> Use your time and skills to invest and get early access to top deals!

Investors – Identify and invest in just the most promising deals!

  • Let the crowd find, evaluate and contribute to the hottest prospects.
  • You may invest in-kind rather than cash, by offering workspace, basic needs, services, connections, office infrastructure, anything a startup needs.
  • Angels, VC’s and crowd-funding platforms are welcome to cash-fund deals.
  • Limit your risk: Industry experts will also invest their time and experience in your investment targets.
  • Syndication and processing of deals with co-investors, workers and product developers.

> Commit your potential investment scope and get early access to deals!

Startups – Get your venture fully funded!

  • This is how to get funded, if you are an entrepreneur or have a great idea and need power to execute it.
  • Deal or No Deal! - If the crowd likes your idea, you get a deal and full funding, by covering needs you have defined (money, expertise, distribution, publicity).
  • Collaborate with passionate supporters and global experts. Get more work done, with high quality.
  • Reach a critical customer base and find your loyal community to jumpstart your company. We provide you with standard forms, legal documents, and experience.

> Meet our founders via Facebook and apply with your pitch and needs!

How it works
1) Entrepreneurs pitch ideas, tasks and all funding needs to operate for 3 months.
2) Experts and Investors evaluate ideas and bid tasks or funds for equity.
3) If an idea gets fully funded in 3 weeks, we close a deal. If not, all pull back.

This cycle repeats quarterly and makes closing a funding round quite easy. It provides immediate feedback from experts and markets and is dynamic and scalable.
The “work for equity” premise can reduce funding needs by 80%.

Globumbus invests capital, brings its global network of talent and investors, connects crowd-funding platforms, and provides a legal framework to help startups get off the ground and move through stages of development and growth.


  • Seed Phase: (A strong idea. Need: basics, infrastructure, team, prototype, proof of concept) Might seek total funding of $50K-$100K => $10K-$20K in cash + $40-$80K in non-cash services and in-kind commitments.
  • Prototype Phase: (Has prototype. Need: go to market, strategic partners, critical customer base, viral exposure) Might seek total funding of $100K-$500K => $20K-100K in cash + $80K-$400K in non-cash services and in-kind commitments.
  • Scale-Phase: (Has successful product. Need: team, partners, key customers, expansion, scaling, internationalization) Might seek total funding of $500K-$1M => $100K-$200K cash + $400K-$800K non-cash services and in-kind commitments.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Its time to invite Globumbus beta users

The last 6 month we were working together out of our Globumbus FounderGarage in Silicon Valley.
Actually our garage is located in Mountain View California, right in the middle between Google, Apple and Facebook. Of course, this means nothing, here are also thousands of other companies, but it is in a way very inspiring for us.
As well the fact, that we found a new project, which excites all three of us. We love entrepreneurs, we love the crowd and we love new ideas. This was the input of our vision, to provide an infrastructure to empower everyone to become an entrepreneur.

We have designed the platform together with one of the best design companies from California, finished our prototype and are about to launch our private beta. We are inviting now family, friends and good partners to join our project and help us to make it a real product.

So if you also feel the passion to change the world with entrepreneurship, help us to build our platform.

Join Globumbus on:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thomas Hessler has shared a presentation on Slideshare



Your friend Thomas Hessler suggests that you view this presentation.

Startup 2.0: a Silicon Valley Story



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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who Will Be The First "Fair Trade" Tech Company? It's The New "Green"...

Who Will Be The First "Fair Trade" Tech Company? It's The New "Green"...

There's a tremendous opportunity waiting to be grabbed. There's a Wikipedia page waiting to be written.

"The first Fair Trade tech company was …"

I'm certain that the Fair Trade concept will be applied to electronics, and it's just a matter of when that will happen. I'm convinced it will happen not because it's a good idea but that it's a potentially profitable idea.

Let me explain my thinking. Our digital gadgets and gizmos are becoming very cheap, almost disposable – yet the working conditions for millions of workers in the global electronics industries are deplorable. Even though they often work in bunny suits, in super clean, well lighted work places, those jobs are highly stressful and often unhealthy.

Lets not forgot that those bright, sanitized work places, those clean work clothes, and filtered air conditioning, is not for the workers, it's to protect the electronics from the humans. The wages are poor and the work is grueling.

Fair Trade electronics could help tens of millions of people around the world without making much difference to our wallets. We could easily alleviate a lot of suffering without much suffering on our part, we could afford to pay a bit extra.

Noble goals are important but what will drive the growth of Fair Trade electronics is that it will be an excellent way to make money. It's a great way for companies to differentiate themselves in the market place.

Consider this: All technology products trend towards becoming commoditized – that's just how things work. How do companies fight commoditization? It's done through differentiation.

- Companies such as Apple do it through design. Take a commodity product, say an MP3 music player, and apply a great design. Design drives sales and it is a high profit value add.

- A lot of computer companies these days proclaim how green they are, how eco aware they are, and how their products use less energy, carbon, etc. "Green" drives sales and it's a high profit value-add.

- Fair Trade electronics is another way companies will be able to differentiate themselves from competitors. Fair Trade will drive sales and it is a high profit value add.

Yes, companies will be able to make money out of Fair Trade electronics and make a difference in the world– it's one of the wonders of capitalism.

Fair Trade applied to the electronics industry will also be incredibly transformative because the supply chains are huge.

Think of a laptop and how many companies were involved in the sourcing of the components of a hard drive, the motherboard, making the chips, the glass for the screen, the plastic for the keyboard, the springs in the keys, the capacitors, the resistors, and on and on…

To make a Fair Trade laptop would require hundreds if not thousands of companies in the supply chain to have Fair Trade certified work places. So, if a company such as Dell or HP were able to build jus...

Monday, May 17, 2010

co founders wanted

co-founders wanted ist eine gute funktion fuer eine startup plattform. Idealerweise werden social profile abgeglichen und die treffergenauigkeit damit erhoet. Auch ein startup-kurs zum check der co founder kompatibilitaet (the founded) ist gut.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crowedflower raised $5 million of funding

CrowdFlower, a startup that helps businesses outsource mundane or repetitive tasks to the cloud, has raised $5 million in Series A funding led by Trinity Venturesand Bessemer Venture Partners.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Startup Advice in just three words


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Things you can do from here:


Monday, December 14, 2009

The 19 biggest surprises of startups - by Paul Graham

1. Be Careful with Cofounders

2. Startups Take Over Your Life

3. It's an Emotional Roller-coaster

4. It Can Be Fun

5. Persistence Is the Key

6. Think Long-Term

7. Lots of Little Things

8. Start with Something Minimal

9. Engage Users

10. Change Your Idea

11. Don't Worry about Competitors

12. It's Hard to Get Users

13. Expect the Worst with Deals

14. Investors Are Clueless

15. You May Have to Play Games

16. Luck Is a Big Factor

17. The Value of Community

18. You Get No Respect

19. Things Change as You Grow

read them here:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

VC Funding Season - by Mark Suster

START your process:


- January 6 – May 15th (green zone)

- May 16th – June 30th (yellow zone)

- July 1st – September 7th (red zone)

- September 8th – October 15th (green zone)

- October 16th – October 31st (yellow zone)

- November 1st – January 7th (red zone)

full articel:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Early-stage success factores

There are already thousands of web companies providing a wide range of services, so why will a brand new company make money? At the heart of a web 2.0 startup are several theories:
  1. Our new service will attract the following kinds of users: .....................
  2. They will use it for the following purposes: ..................
  3. Instead of a trusted brand, they will use a startup they've never heard of before because ......................
  4. Even though some of the value is social, we will be useful to the first users because ..........................
  5. Users will recommend us to their friends because ....................
  6. Big competitors won't be able to copy our features as soon as they notice us because ........................
  7. .................... will pay us $................... in return for ........................
  8. Once we get critical mass it'll be hard for new startups to steal our users because ..........................

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Uppspretta – First P2P Lending Service in Iceland

p2p crowd funding

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Uppspretta – First P2P Lending Service in Iceland

News from the far north: Uppspretta (engl. resource) launched the first Icelandic p2p lending service earlier this month. Uppspretta's main goal is to allow startup companies to apply for microloans. was founded by Björk Theodórsdóttir, Ingi Gauti Ragnarsson and Ragnheiður H. Magnúsdóttir. Uppspretta co-operates with Naskar, a group of Icelandic woman entrepreneurs, using them as a show-case for lenders and enabling a start with a secured supply of lender funds.

Iceland is a interesting market for p2p lending. While the market is small in size, the reputation of banks is nearing zero after the banking disaster last year. Theodórsdóttir told "There is definitely market for such a service as P2P lending in Iceland. We have been well received and in light of the bank's reputation, people celebrate the opportunity to bypass them. It's yet to be seen the impact Uppspretta will have on the lending market but we are optimistic that Uppspretta will be an real option beside the banks."

Furthermore he pointed out that unlike other players Uppspretta is free of regulatory chains: "We worked closely with the regulators in Iceland and the conclusion was that Uppspretta would not require any licence to operate.". Uppspretta charges a fee of 4 percent of the funded loan amount.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The next Web of open, linked data

20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. For his next project, he's building a web for open, linked data that could do for numbers what the Web did for words, pictures, video: unlock our data and reframe the way we use it together.
Keywords: "Raw Data Now", "put your data on the net", "dbpedia chris bizer fu berlin"

Rethinking Poverty

The catchphrase goes, "Make poverty history." But how? These speakers' innovative ideas may convince you to forget the traditional models -- grants, aid, charity -- and consider business, technology and trade instead. read more