Friday, September 9, 2011

Globumbus Prototype Presentation at "Pitch SF"

100 startups were pitching to about 2000 visitors during "Pitch SF" at the AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco. This was the first time for Globumbus to present our idea of an "Global Crowd Network" and the prototype to the crowd in the Bay Area.

Thank's to our 80 visitors for visiting Globumbus and the great feedback we got from you guys.

If you are interested to get invited to our private beta which starts within the next two weeks, please apply to our facebook group. The link to the group is posted on our: facebook fanpage 

Why join Globumbus:
Globumbus is a new Silicon Valley-based startup resourcing platform from the German founders of zanox. We will enable your startup to equip itself with funding, human capital and publicity in exchange for equity, reducing your cash needs by 80%. By harnessing the “power of the crowd” online, we bring sustainable ventures past traditional obstacles in finding venture capital and expertise.

With our "Global Crowd Network" we anticipate facilitating 10,000 deals and a total volume of $500M within 3 years. We believe passionately in the innovative power of the entrepreneur; we offer an infrastructure to empower anyone to start a venture, helping superior ideas flourish in the market.

Experts – Turn your insight into equity! Be in on breakthrough ventures!

  • Work for the next Facebook, Google or Twitter and create meaning by supporting superior ideas.
  • Bring your expertise to bear in what ideas are market-worthy, and get an equity stake in their success.
  • Leverage your technical knowledge to get involved in startups.
  • Work based on your regular rates and be paid in equity.

> Use your time and skills to invest and get early access to top deals!

Investors – Identify and invest in just the most promising deals!

  • Let the crowd find, evaluate and contribute to the hottest prospects.
  • You may invest in-kind rather than cash, by offering workspace, basic needs, services, connections, office infrastructure, anything a startup needs.
  • Angels, VC’s and crowd-funding platforms are welcome to cash-fund deals.
  • Limit your risk: Industry experts will also invest their time and experience in your investment targets.
  • Syndication and processing of deals with co-investors, workers and product developers.

> Commit your potential investment scope and get early access to deals!

Startups – Get your venture fully funded!

  • This is how to get funded, if you are an entrepreneur or have a great idea and need power to execute it.
  • Deal or No Deal! - If the crowd likes your idea, you get a deal and full funding, by covering needs you have defined (money, expertise, distribution, publicity).
  • Collaborate with passionate supporters and global experts. Get more work done, with high quality.
  • Reach a critical customer base and find your loyal community to jumpstart your company. We provide you with standard forms, legal documents, and experience.

> Meet our founders via Facebook and apply with your pitch and needs!

How it works
1) Entrepreneurs pitch ideas, tasks and all funding needs to operate for 3 months.
2) Experts and Investors evaluate ideas and bid tasks or funds for equity.
3) If an idea gets fully funded in 3 weeks, we close a deal. If not, all pull back.

This cycle repeats quarterly and makes closing a funding round quite easy. It provides immediate feedback from experts and markets and is dynamic and scalable.
The “work for equity” premise can reduce funding needs by 80%.

Globumbus invests capital, brings its global network of talent and investors, connects crowd-funding platforms, and provides a legal framework to help startups get off the ground and move through stages of development and growth.


  • Seed Phase: (A strong idea. Need: basics, infrastructure, team, prototype, proof of concept) Might seek total funding of $50K-$100K => $10K-$20K in cash + $40-$80K in non-cash services and in-kind commitments.
  • Prototype Phase: (Has prototype. Need: go to market, strategic partners, critical customer base, viral exposure) Might seek total funding of $100K-$500K => $20K-100K in cash + $80K-$400K in non-cash services and in-kind commitments.
  • Scale-Phase: (Has successful product. Need: team, partners, key customers, expansion, scaling, internationalization) Might seek total funding of $500K-$1M => $100K-$200K cash + $400K-$800K non-cash services and in-kind commitments.


  1. Sounds great. We are in the "Prototype Phase" as by now u should have gotten the prototype/samples I sent u?

    What we Need is: go to market, strategic partners, critical customer base, viral exposure. You are actually right on with the "Might seek total funding of $100K-$500K => $20K-100K in cash + $80K-$400K in non-cash services and in-kind commitments."

    Sounds like you've done this before ;-)

    Sign us up.


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